It's all started trying' to bathe a baby...

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

The makings of Ahhh Sugar Sugar

I've always loved taking baths. I think it is so important for us to take time every day to just reflect, and breathe in a few moments for ourselves. 

My daughter, on the other hand, didn't quite have the same kind of relationship with bath time.. 

So the struggle began to find ways to make bath time "fun" for her, and less of a "chore" for me. When I stumbled upon bath bombs, it was almost like hitting the lottery. Except for the fact that I was knee-deep in nursing school, and instead of winning money, I was literally watching it go down the drain. 

I decided I was feeling crafty, so I grabbed my bestie and a bottle of wine (or bourbon, but who's watching?) and threw together the most heinous, (but HELLA sparkly I might add) mini bath bombs.

Both fortunately, and unfortunately, I couldn't let it go. And I've been perfecting the recipe ever since.

Why the box of sugar?

You may be wondering, "Why on earth would I trust you to send me a random box of goodies when I can just order what I want from your website?"

Good question! 

Ever since I started the company, the thing I love the most about it, is the way it allows me to be creative in so many ways. I love small details, I love glitter, and I happen to love all things time-consuming. 

Our monthly boxes allow us to spend extra time on those amazing little hand-crafted details, and also launch brand-new exciting products before they are made for pre-sales or restocks.